Parent Resources

  • Check out these articles: Helping your child read: Developing their Comprehension

  • Click here for information on accessing your child's eportfolios:Accessing Eportfolios

  •  Red Deer Public has implemented an Online Registration and Verification System for all current students. Parents are asked to please complete the online process in their PowerSchool Parent Portal.  Click here for more information. 
  • Video for Creating a PowerSchool Parent Portal Account-
  • The Government of Canada and MediaSmarts (Canada's Centre for Digital and Media Literacy) have released a Digital Citizenship Guide for Parents.  The guide is filled with useful and current advice and tips on some of the biggest concerns and issues that parents face in this digital age.      Via the guide: Being a parent has never been easy, but it can be even more challenging once your kids are using the internet. Even if you’re not up on the latest technologies and platforms, though, you have an important role — maybe the most important — in your kids’ online lives. This guide will prepare you for the conversations you need to have with kids when they first start using digital devices, as they grow and their online activities change, and when things go wrong.
    The guide is divided into three sections that each deal with a different aspect of digital citizenship, to teach your kids to Respect People’s Feelings, to Respect Privacy and to Respect Property online.

  • A Guide for Trusted Adults is based on YWCA’s consultation with Canadian girls and young women about their concerns and the issues they face online and on social media platforms and the ways they want the adults in their lives to support them.

    This guide is designed to prepare all the adults young women turn to, including parents/guardians, teachers, mentors, health and wellness providers, law enforcement, and technology professionals, to be the trusted adults they need when they have problems online. Understanding young women’s rights and responsibilities, and helping them to understand them, is an important part of being able to help them participate fully online. It includes:

    • practical information about the issues girls and young women face 
    • conversation-starters for adults to start talking to them about these issues
    • ways to support and advocate for them
    • information on legal issues that can affect girls’ online lives

     Click here for this guide: