Report Cards Available Online

Dear Parents,​​​​​​​

Your child's report card is now available to view online through your Powerschool profile. If you have already created a Powerschool Parent Account, you can click on attachment #1 and it will give you instructions on how to access your child's report card through Powerschool. If you do not have a Powerschool Account you can see instructions on how to create one in attachment #2. If you need any help with the online report card feel free to call the school office for help or contact your child's teacher.

We are continuing to use an outcome based report to reflect the continual gaining of skills that occurs over an elementary school year. It will allow parents to see where students are showing achievement of the outcomes and skills. These very important outcomes will be revisited regularly showing the continuum of growth that occurs over a child’s elementary years. This will help parents see clearly where their child is at currently, what their child is working toward and how to understand those processes in a clearer manner. Each outcome is assessed as either Beginning, Approaching or Achieving. If the space beside an outcome is marked with a star (*), that will mean that the teacher has not yet assessed that outcome for the current reporting period.

One of the most exciting changes about our report card is that it is closely tied to your child’s eportfolio. Each of the work samples in the eportfolio  list the report card outcomes that are being worked on for that assignment. You will also be able to access the report card directly from your child’s eportfolio by clicking on a link and entering a secure password. As in previous years we will not be sending home a paper copy of the report card this year as parents can access it online. If any families would like a paper copy sent home, you can request it from the office and we will be happy to provide one.

Work samples for all students will continue to be shared through both the eportfolio and at parent teacher conferences.Parent Teacher Conferences will be held on Thursday from 1-8 pm. If you haven't booked an appointment yet, you can do so by going to and entering the access code yxjcz 

If you have any further questions about report cards please do not hesitate to contact your child's teacher or myself.


Chris Good

Principal, EBWS