Samantha Belanger


About Me
Along with my passion of teaching children I am also a passionate... 
Yoga instructor, french language learner, cat + dog lover, outdoor enthusiast, coffee/tea drinker, amateur singer/guitarist, painter and reader. 
My name is Samantha Belanger and I am very excited to teach grade one this year. I first knew that I wanted to be involved with the Education system when I was a high school student at HJ Cody in Sylvan Lake, Alberta. The teachers made memorable impressions on me by intentionally going the extra mile to ensure that my classmates and I were receiving the best education and experience possible. They found ways to make learning fun, relevant and engaging while creating an environment that was conducive to my individual learning. The one thing I remember most is that they genuinely cared about their students. My goal is to embrace their teachings and continue the legacy of those teachers that paved the path so gracefully for me. 

My number one priority is to help others and to ensure that I have built a strong relationship of mutual trust and respect with my students. I have an open door policy with my family/friends and of course with my students. I integrate yoga into my classroom to encourage more physical activity, productivity and to help cultivate gratitude and kindness within my students. I believe that it is important to develop these elements at a young age as it will help build self-confidence and lead to better decision making skills. With a focus on the curriculum, the students interests and the Wilson Ways, I will help the students become engaged thinkers, ethical citizens and entrepreneurial spirits. 

On a more personal level, I am married to George Belanger and we have two cats (Scout and Dexter) and a dog (Ahimsa).
  • Fun Fact #1: My favourite book series is the Harry Potter series. 
  • Fun Fact #2: I am obsessed with hand stands.
  • Fun Fact #3: I love travelling and plan on stepping foot on all of the continents.